Blackjack Side Wager

Played with the Player's 2 cards and the dealer's up card


Suited 21    Pays  25 to 1

Any 21        Pays    2 to 1

Any 17-20   Pays    1 to 1

Craps Side Wager

Player picks a number 1 to 6

If that number is rolls with the 2 dice player wins


1 Match       Pays 2 to 1

2 Matches   Pays 4 to 1

Pai Gow Wager

Played with 3 of the 4 cards remaining in the deck after all cards are dealt

Player wagers on the color of the cards black or red

If 2 or 3 cards are of the same color player wagered on player wins even money

If 1 of the cards are a joker all wagers lose